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Leading RTO Consultant in Australia Angela Connell

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Leading RTO Consultant in Australia Angela Connell

Meet Angela

As an entrepreneur, writer, coach, consultant and unstoppable optimist, Angela is dedicated to changing lives through education.

Through her business Vivacity Consulting, Angela delivers coaching and consulting services to help the training industry get compliant and stay compliant.

Get in touch to find out about keynote speaking and consulting services that will help ensure your RTO is up to date with all current regulations, profitable and thriving.


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Leading RTO Consultant

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quality education

The training industry is unique and comes with its own set of challenges.

Instead of working with generic coaches and consultants who don’t have an in-depth understanding of compliance requirements, reach out to a specialist to help you build your business.

Angela Connell has been serving the training industry as an RTO consultant since 2009. Connect to find ways to stay compliant and take your success to the next level.

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