The 3 Top Non Compliance at ASQA Audit

The 3 Top Non-Compliances At ASQA Audit

In my capacity as CEO of Vivacity, I have been coaching and consulting the training industry since 2009, prior to that owning and operating my own Registered Training Organisation (RTO).…
The Top Five Mistakes RTO's Make

The Top 5 Mistakes RTO’s Make

Top 5 mistakes, in a snapshot… Hiring the wrong trainers and assessors Often RTO’s do not have sufficient trainers to deliver their training, who have the required experience and qualifications…
Education in Isolation - Is your RTO ready?

Education In Isolation

How we pivoted during Covid I know, I used that word PIVOT… but it is the catch phrase of 2020, that and “You are on mute”. On Friday 23 March…