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Keynote Speaker

Invite Australia’s leading RTO consultant to speak at your next event.

With a vast knowledge of the training industry and over 20 years owning and operating her own business, Angela can provide keynotes on a range of subject areas.

Your presentation will be highly engaging, relevant and tailored to your audience.

Talk to Angela about one of the following options:

Webinars – Masterclasses And Masterminds

Angela can deliver a range of webinars in compliance or business development under the Vivacity banner, or join your panel as a guest speaker and RTO specialist.


Angela has been training and delivering workshops for over 20 years, with a focus on compliance and business strategies. Work with her to create a workshop that meets the needs of your team right now.

Conference & Keynote Presentations

Talk to Angela about a keynote topic that is tailored to the interests of your audience.

Podcast Guest

Chat with Angela about training and compliance or business development strategies that are specific to the RTO industry.

Talking points for interviews and presentations

Angela is happy to discuss any of the following subjects:

  • RTO + CRICOS Compliance
  • Marketing for the training industry
  • Scaling your RTO business
  • Growing from a team of one
  • Business niche
  • Automation
  • Team development
  • Technology for the training industry and business

Let’s Talk

Make sure your event, webinar or podcast is a huge success. Reach out to Angela to find out more.

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